Self Hypnosis

What is Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a self-induced process.

  • Let your body relax fully, from head to feet
  • You will revive feeling alert and fully rested.
  • imagine a picture in your mind of most peaceful and relaxed.
  • Imagine you can hear your beloved Father’s voice.

Hypnosis is  not

  1. Brain washed
  2. Sleep
  3. A mind control
  4. sub-consciousness

When a person is in hypnotism state he is wise and in totally in control.He is also in innocuous and natural state.A individual when wishes then he is able to come out from the hypnotism state.

Self Hypnosis

However, hypnosis is not only a sleep state. In fact, when a person in hypnosis is usually aware he knows everything that hes do and everything that he said. Accomplishing this,  later Braid tested to adjust the name to monotheism. This means a marked obsession with one idea or subject. However, the term hypnosis cemented and is used from this day.

How to Use Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is often used to adjust attitude,behavior and emotions. For example, many people use self-hypnosis to help or deal with the problems of life. Self-hypnosis can rise confidence of people and also help people to establish new skills.Sports men and women can built up their athletic achievement with self-hypnosis, and people go through from physical pain or stress-relevant diseases also find it helpful.

Self-Hypnosis Technique

I am going to suggest you with a simple but practical technique of self-hypnosis. This technique is known as  eye infatuation self-hypnosis and is one of the most famous and practical forms of self-hypnosis ever established. We will start it by using as a method to help you relax. After you have practiced this a various times we will add hypnotic instructions and imagery. 
Reduce confusion by going into a room where you are absurd to be confused and turning off your phone, laptop, television, etc. This is your time. You are going to target on your goal of self-hypnosis and nothing else.

Self Hypnosis

Benefits of Self Hypnosis

Before  performing a self hypnosis, you should be awake of the benefits that self hypnosis has to offer.  Often people are unconscious that hypnosis is much than just a state of mind.  It can works to

  1. Treat the problems such as depression or anxiety.
  2. Helps to lose weight.
  3. To reduce the stress.
  4. For deep relaxation.
  5. Help us to manage sleep disorders.