Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction is an effective tool to helping those with gambling problems to make long lasting changes and beat live a life where they can control their itches to live without damaging gambling. The NHS predicted that 260,000 people in the USA are addicted to gambling, wasting a combined total of £7.2 billion every year. Only 10% of gambling addicts really seek help for their problems.

Gambling in casino, in betting shops or online, gambling remains a very difficult issue to beat.Hypnotherapy is a key tool for conducting all forms of addictions including gambling addiction also. There are a collection of treatment options available for those who are suffering with a gambling addiction and hypnotherapy is a progressively popular option.The main goal of hypnotherapy is to tackle both the addiction itself and any hidden problems thought to have caused the addiction

Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Gambling hypnosis can offer a very impressive treatment to long term recovery from gambling.  Gamblers are very sensitive to instant pleasure. Gamblers should be real about the amount of work that is involve in defeating this addiction. Gambling is a lifestyle of avoiding dealing with life. Recovery from gambling problems is a lifestyle of living life on life’s terms.

Types of gambling

There are many forms of gambling. Here are some most common forms of gambling.


This often contains placing money on sporting events. These types of bets are commonly made between a customer and a bookie. It is actually an agreement where a customer will pay the bookie a convinced amount of money to conclude the outcome of an event. If the conclusion turns out to be correct, the bookie then pay the customer the correct amount of money depending on the odds of the bet placed.


This is a area having a special licence to host gambling games. Casinos house table games such as dice games, card games such as blackjack, as well as gaming machines also. While mostly any game that can be played for money, also any game commonly played for money can also be played only for fun, many games are commonly offered in a casino.

Gaming machines

Gambling machines can be available in pubs and casinos. They commonly involves flashing lights, buttons and spinning jackpot wheels for the chance of winning money.


This game which is most famous in Europe. Players pay a convinced amount of money to buy a set of numbers of their desire.The numbers are  drawn randomly and the winner is that costumer who has predicted all or most of the numbers correctly.

Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Symptoms of gambling addictions

Here are most common symptoms of gambling addictions

  • Most of the time thinking about gambling
  • Using illegal methods for funds such as theft,fraud
  • Gambling to get out of financial trouble
  • Feeling depressed
  • Spending a lot of money,often more than you have
  • Risk of relationships and opportunities
  • Feeling suicidal
  • Lying and hiding the habits from family and friend

Living with a gambling addiction

Similarly like other addictions,living with a gambling addiction have a seriously negative effects on all conditions of an addict’s life.

Love life

Gambling addiction is especially isolating and sufferers tend to become more and more enigmatic as their problem circling further out of control.

Friends and family

Gambling addiction has a visor effect on the lives of an addict’s friends and family. Sometimes addicts end up piracy from the people close to them because they strictly believe they will also be able to win it all back. Necessarily, they often lose that money too and end up exclude themselves or ending up in jail. A person who is suffering from gambling addiction can also have a dangerous effect on their children.


The hooking nature of gambling addiction usually makes it very crucial to defend standards at work. Addicts can lose sleep from wasting all night in casino. This makes them more likely to arrive at work or job  late and feel physically and emotionally tired. Sometimes the obsession to gamble will hit while they are assumed to be working, causing many addicts to abuse company time with online betting. These bad habits will usually picked up by bosses, and resulting in job loss.

Hypnotherapy for Gambling AddictionHypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

How to stop gambling

Recognizing your addiction is the first and most complex step in learning how to stop gambling. Now you requires to find a treatment option that suits you.

1. Understand your addiction

Keep a dairy

To fight against your addiction, you need to actually understand the behaviors you exhibit. Usually it is complex for us to take a step back and look at ourselves soberly. The easiest way of protecting track of your addiction is to keep a diary. Reading these details back on a diary will help you to see the measure of your addiction and regain control on your mind.

2.Seek help

Family and friends

confess in anyone you trust. Don’t be afraid of accepting your issue to them, doesn’t matter how embarrassed  of yourself you feel. They might initially be shocked,and help of another person can take away from gambling addiction.

Hypnotherapy for Gambling AddictionHypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction

Hypnotherapy is a famous and effective way for treating gambling addiction. It causes a state of deep relaxation which makes it easy for a therapist to access a individual’s unconscious mind. By digging deeper into a individual’s unconscious, a therapist can analyze the routes of certain behavioral patterns. The power of suggestion or instructions, help the person to break out of these behavioral patterns. By developing their thought processes and learning to channel their behaves in complex ways, an addict can also learn to reduce their gambling addiction and also learn a techniques to keep them going even when their therapy sessions are over.