Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Addiction is most complicated disease which can affects the functioning of the brain and body also.  It arises through image and epigenetic mechanisms and occurs over time from chronically high stage of risk to an addictive stimulation  . Addiction is  most harmful connection to an activity or substance.It also causes a serious damage to relationships,families and workplace. It is commonly link with smoking,alcohol,gambling and food. According to NHS,nearly 2.5 million people are seeking with an addiction. Therefore,hypnotherapy for addiction is a best tool to overcome the disease of addiction.

If you are dependent on a peculiar substance to get through regular life, it is actually like that you have an addiction. You can find it more tough to control  your relationships, work life and overall well-being could be starting to suffer. On this page we will analyze signs and causes, and how hypnotherapy for addiction works.

What is addiction

If you are suffering from addiction, it means that you have no control over taking and doing  something. Commonly an addiction initiate as a habit. A behavioral pattern that is not especially damaging. Sometimes it can become more  advanced and impressive, finally interfering with a person’s life.

Perpetual behavior is a natural part of our lives. These can be crushed because they are commonly subconscious  actions. Once when we get a conscious handle on them, we can stop them. Addictions, after all, are conscious and passionate responses that can be very tough to control.

Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Signs of addiction

Physical signs of addiction

  • Weights loss
  • Change in eating habit
  • Over active
  • Red eyes

Behavioral signs of addiction

  • Missing work or school
  • Missing engagements
  • Financial problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Disturbed sleep pattern
  • Legal problems
  • Negative effects on health and respect

Causes of addiction

There are several factors which plays a role to increase the risk of developing addiction. We divided these factors into two categories.

  1. Behavioral factor
  2. Chemical factor

Behavioral factor

Several behavioral factors can increase the possibility of trying addictive activities. The following factors are:


There is sign to suggest a genetic link to addiction. If you have a family history of addiction, you are more likely to develop one too. Following genetic habits could also speed up its evolution.


Fearful experiences during childhood such as carelessness can raise the risk of developing addictive behaviors. Early use of following activities can also be linked.

Mental health

Experts believe that people who experience anxiety and nervousness in their way to regular life are more accessible  to addiction. Person’s struggling to handle with stress can also gaunt towards addictive behavior patterns.

Chemical Factor

Experts believe that there is a connection between the repeated use of certain activities and how the brain experiences comfort. An addictive behavior causes the following of the hormone which causes feelings of comfort and satisfaction. The brain recall this rush of comfort and wants them repeated. Sometime, repeated use of a activity changes how brain feels comfort, so a user has to raise the frequency in order to delight the desired ‘high’. When patience increases, withdrawal warnings become more severe and this increases the possibility of addiction.

Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Stages of addiction

According to the research we come to know that people with addictions go through a set of  following stages:


It is explained as the independent use of drugs without experiencing any negative social  importance. For many, experimenting can arise once or many times as a way to have a fun or even to help the person handle with a problem. For many, experimentation can arise without any desire to continue using the drug.

Regular use

when the user starts to integrate the drug into his or her daily life then experimental use becomes regular use. Similarly,few people try something once and never do it again ever,but there are those who will actively aim to entertain the experience. At this stage quality of life is not affected.

Risky use

The line between regular use and risky use is a very slim, but is commonly defined as continue use of drugs in spite of severe social and legal importance.This is the point where the warning signs of addiction will begin to come craving, preoccupation with the drug, and symptoms of depression, irritability and weakness if the drug is not used.

Drug Addiction and Dependency

Physical dependence on a drug is usually associated with addiction. Attributes of dependence and drug addiction contains withdrawal symptoms and passionate use of the drug despite severe negative importance to his or her relationships, mental health,finances, and job.

Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Addiction help

If you recognize ominous signs of addiction and are concerned that  someone you know can have a problem and seeking help as soon as possible is essential. A great source of addiction help is your GP,there are many charities you can contact. Hypnotherapy for addiction is especially useful.

Hypnotherapy for addiction

Now a days, an area of addiction help that is spreading in demand is hypnotherapy. Hypnosis for addiction desire to get to the root of the cause by inducing a case of intensive awareness in the patient. In this relaxed case, the patient is more interested to suggestions and ideas that are suitable with their goals. This grants for the therapist to offer ideas about the activity that the patient is addicted to in order to help them to gain control over their addiction.

A hypnotherapist will provide the support as well as guidance needed to adjust fixed behavioral patterns. This enables a patient to treat the basic problem of their addictive behavior and build-up their emotional strength.

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