Hypnosis Techniques

Hypnosis techniques

Various Hypnosis techniques are commonly apply on the individuals to get the best results. When you are hypnotize. The waves in the brain are slow down to alpha level,which arise right before falling sleep. There are several kinds of hypnosis techniques that are used to help people resolve unwanted thoughts,feelings and emotions.

  1. Suggestion Therapy
  2. Analytical Hypnotherapy
  3. Progression
  4. Regression
  5. Visualization


Hypnosis Techniques

Suggestion Therapy

This is a only one way communication from the hypnotherapist to the individuals. It is a common and basic hypnosis technique. A therapist may teach a client to relax and get into a hypnotic unconsciousness. Once in that state of corrected brain waves and intensive awareness, a person may able to receive instructions directly into their unconscious mind. Sometimes, these instructions meet with only limited approval or even with total rejection, for unconscious reasons.

Analytical Hypnotherapy

Analytical Hypnotherapy is  two communication way  between the individuals and hypnotherapist.With the help analytical hypnotherapy it is possible to detect any authentic decision that is hindering the individual, and then boost the unconscious mind to dismiss any self limiting decision .

The hypnosis techniques of analytical hypnotherapy are design to determine the reasons for the dismissal of an probably beneficial instructions. Many times, a person desires to improve the way of  their lives in some way, but there are basic clashing emotions that get in the way. With analytical hypnotherapy, such a conflict can be determine and overcome, before continuing with beneficial instructions. It will enable a person to get the access to previously blocked unconscious resources.

Hypnosis techniques


Age progression is used to take the individuals into the future where they are teach to create the long term consequences of achieving their goal. This can help give the significant advantage for change as well as sealing positive assumptions in place.


Hypnotic regression allows the individuals to reminds, understand,review and discharge ideas not available to the conscious mind.

According to emotional intensity negative life events are saved in the subconscious mind .Then,the pain of the event is expanded by repetition. Every time a similar event develop, the mind makes an association to the basic event and replays the event at the subconscious level of awareness.


when a person has brought into a hypnotic state, the hypnotherapist can teach the person to visualize a scene and experience an event while hypnotized. A person might be force through pasture to a quiet rush, for example, when a person meet someone asking a glass of pure water. As they drink the water they feel their mind and body being purified and their problems reducing away.