Hypnosis For Bruxism

Hypnosis For Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Bruxism is a medical term for teeth grinding. Mostly people will grind their teeth to a degree, without any signals. When the grinding becomes constant however, it may lead to  headaches dental damage and earache. Hypnosis for bruxism is most effective treatment. Hypnosis for bruxism is works on subconscious level.

Stress and anxiety may also connected with teeth grinding. Bruxism affects around 10-15% of population. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can lead to jaw problem and dental damage. The condition is divided into two categories.

  1. Awake bruxism.
  2. Sleep bruxism.

Awake bruxism occurs when you are awake. Mostly there is no teeth grinding only jaw clenching. Sleep bruxism occurs when you are sleeping and it consistss both teeth grinding as well as jaw clenching.

Hypnosis For Bruxism

The condition is further broken into primary and secondary bruxism. The primary bruxism occurs without any former medical case. The secondary bruxism occurs when another medical case is present. Secondary bruxism  can be associate with medications,mental health case like stress,depression.

Effects of bruxism

The effects of bruxism will differ from one person to other depending on the harshness of the problem. There are two types of effects of brusixm

  1. Long term effects.
  2. Short term effects.

Short term effects

  1. Excess tooth flexibility.
  2. Limitation of mouth opening.
  3. Sleep interruption.
  4. Earache.
  5. Headache.

Long term effects

  1. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.
  2. Tooth wear and breakage.

Hypnosis For Bruxism

Hypnosis for bruxism

If you suffers from bruxism (teeth grinding),then you should visit a dentist. The dentist will be able to see if the teeth grinding may causes any damage to your teeth. Dentist will also discuss about your treatment options. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching occur subconsciously, even if you are awake or sleeping.

As the action is retrained by your subconscious, hypnotherapy  can use the power of instruction to help you change thought patterns that lead to bruxism. Nearly70% of sleep bruxism cases are considered to be stress-related. Anxiety is also usually associate with the condition. These both issues can be treated through hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis puts you into totally relaxed condition. When you are in this condition, your subconscious is open to suggestion and rearrangements. Using therapy techniques, the thinking arrangments that lead to bruxism can be disrupted. Then, using instructive language, your hypnotherapist can boost new thought patterns.

When pointing at stress and anxiety, hypnotherapy may help you get to the root issues. It also supports the advancement of more positive handling methods, so that your mind respond better in stressful situations. Teeth grinding can be a reaction to stress and anxiety, using hypnosis for stress may overcome bruxism as a result.

Any teeth grinders come to assume the problem. Any truly efficient bruxism treatment needs to crack right to the cause of the issue. For long relief, pending emotional issues must be addressed and healed. It is here that hypnosis can be extremely useful.