Five Hypnotism Ways: To Hypnotize Someone

Hey guys! I have assembled five hypnotism ways for you, please take a look and review this post.

Five hypnotism ways through which you can hypnotize someone

Five hypnotism ways




if you want then here are the 5 ways to hypnotize a person then firstly you need to setup a connection with the person whom you are trying to hypnotize.There are many ways to setup a connection with a person such as eye contact.when the connection is established with the person,then you can move to the second step which is deflecting off person’s conscious mind.

Five hypnotism ways




Five hypnotism ways

1) Negative words:

The subconscious mind can’t follow negative words.when i told you not to imagine a pink bird with a black tail then most possibly you’ll find yourself imagining it in your’s mind. Now when i told you something like you don’t have to give me the bike if you don’t want to do it now, i would actually be telling your subconscious mind Give me the bike, Do it now

2) Ambiguity:

Puzzling phrases leave the conscious mind of the person fascinating about their dangerous .Thus allow you to precisely connect with his subconscious mind. Example: What will not arise if you did not purchase my course now. Again this phrase will puzzle your conscious mind in addition to asking you to purchase the course i sell now.

3) Hypnotic keywords:

Whenever the unconscious mind imagines something it gets compute by it. why you feel frighten in horror movies even that there is no real danger for you. When you use the word “conceptualize” you in fact ask the conscious mind of a person to step aside.So the subconscious mind starts conceptualizing what you say precisely.  For example conceptualize how powerful you will become if you accomplished how to hypnotize people and control their minds after purchasing my new super powers course.

4) The Zeigarnik effect

The Zeigarnik effect explains the fact that people only reminds undeveloped businesses and depot all other completed tasks from their minds. For example after you refuel your van you never think about the fuel again for a while. To use the Zeigarnik effect,if you  want to hypnotize someone you just need to tell him an Amazing but incomplete story. As his conscious mind tries to complete out the remaining part of the story.You can move ahead on giving him your hypnotic commands.After a moment tell him the end of the story. This is the reason that advertisements are displayed in between shows and movies.

5)Pattern interrupt

Human beings are used convinced patterns that they come across each day. For example when you see your friend you always expect a friend to shake hands with you in a convinced way. These assumptions decrease the amount of processing your conscious mind has to do everyday. Now the pattern delay technique is all about disturbing a very popular pattern  that you confuse the conscious mind of your target. once this aries you’ll have about 5 seconds to program that person with your hypnotism commands. Here we share a great example . Instead of shaking hands normally let your palms face toward the ground and put your hands near your friends chest. He will allocate at least 5 seconds trying to figure out what’s going on around his and during those seconds you should give your hypnotic command.